Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Comments - A Rich Resource

I exhort readers of this blog to return to posts once in a while and read the Comment left there. As an example here are two comments from my recent Apps Galore post.

Of these I can't do without Google Reader that I use in bed every morning to catch up on genie news that comes in overnight from distant lands. I also use Camscanner for scanning, Amazon Kindle for eBooks and am getting to know's new app.

Jo said...
During research trips, I often use Evernote and Google Maps/Google Earth. These apps aren't genealogy-specific, but I've found them quite useful for accessing needed notes and locating elusive cemeteries.

In addition, I also use:
Google Translate's new app
Catherine Pendleton said...
I haven't had my smart phone very long but have been playing with/using several apps that I think are useful for genealogy. I do similar types of research (history/archaeology) for work and these apps come in handy (well, except for youtube and Google Reader while I'm on the clock :). In addition to Evernote, Google Earth/Maps, and that Jo mentioned, I have Dropbox, Google Books, Youtube, Photoshop Express, Amazon Kindle, Camscanner, Google Reader (for catching up on blogs when away from the computer). I also have the Mozy app (my cloud of choice) so I can access all files on my hard drive.

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