Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Disappointed with Dick

Yesterday Dick Eastman posted an article, Genealogy Apps for Tablet Computers, in his newsletter. Dick said  "The only tablet that is useful for genealogy programs without modification is the Apple iPad or possibly one of the more full-featured and expensive tablet computers that run the Android operating system."

Possibly? Within minutes of this post appearing a few genealogists on Twitter expressed concern at the  apparent inaccuracies in Dick's post and his bias towards Eve's fruit. I went off and made a couple of comments on Dick's post directing people to this blog and to Tamura Jones' lists of Android Apps for genealogy.

If one was unkind one could assume that Dick did not test any of the "more full-featured and expensive" Android tablets in addition to the two cheapies, The Nook and Kindle Fire, that he mentioned. Dick may have also been unaware of Tamura's lists when he said "In short, anyone who wants to use a full-featured genealogy program on a tablet computer needs to purchase an Apple iPad (which has many genealogy programs available) or one of the "leading handheld candidates" listed earlier that run Android (and will then be limited to only two or three genealogy programs)."

It took quite a while for my comments to appear on Dick's post. A check this morning found them together with many comments from other readers adding pertinent information and making a couple of corrections that balance the content of Dick's article.

Dick may be interested in attending these Rootstech presentations,  The Galaxy Girls –three genealogists’ and their Android tablets  or Using Android Devices for Genealogy and Family History that will give him additional information about the Android genealogy experience.

I only hope that those who read Dick's post also digest the comments left by readers as there is a lot of valuable information contained in them.

POSTSCRIPT Banai Feldstein has published a response to Dick's post where she refutes Dick's claims. It gives potential Android users a clearer picture of the Tablet  market.

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  1. I've posted a comment over on Banai's blog. I won't repeat it here but just wanted to say that I share your disappointment. I have the greatest respect for Dick and hope he will write an update to his post in the light of all the comments from Android users.


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