Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Mailbox

I so appreciate the comments and additions people have been making to posts on this blog and now some help has arrived in my mailbox..

Thanks to Suzie who sent me an email this morning with a link that will help me identify more useful information about Android for Genealogy. Coincidentally Thomas MacEntee just mentioned this same resource in a webinar he gave an hour ago. I am going to subscribe to the makeuseof articles in Google reader.

"Jill, I clipped this from +Google this morning in case you found it useful for your Android Blog....lost power....all went dark...lost the link... finally back to sending it hours later: If you don't have in your circles, you might want to follow them. Lots of good info comes from their site and much about Android. Suzie"

Thanks, Suzie and Thomas.

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