Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Do you know what books are on your bookshelf at home?  I do.
Can you check your personal library holdings when in a bookshop? I can.
Can you remember every book that you have read? I can't but I have an online memory jogger.

Around five years ago I took out a paid subscription (there is a free sub for people with up to 200 books) to Librarything and have religiously added all of the books I have read and those I own into my account on their database. I continue to add to this collection. I sang Librarything's praises for genealogists in  2010 on this post on Geniaus: Librarything - a genealogist's friend. Genealogist, Shelley Bishop has also written a post about Using LibraryThing for genealogy

When looking for Android apps to add to my tablet I was excited to find the LibraryThingScanner app: "LibraryThingScanner uses the Barcode Scanner app to read the ISBN barcode from a book. Your web browser then opens at the LibraryThing add book page."

I love it. I find it especially useful in libraries where I read books that I want to add to my account. I just grab the tablet, zap a book's barcode into the app, the book's details usually appear (after a LibraryThing search of multiple databases) and then I add them to my account. I don't have to rely on pen and paper or my memory to add these resources to my database of books read. I am bibliaugrapher on LibraryThing. 

I can recommend joining Librarything and giving this app a whirl. 


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