Friday, January 6, 2012

My Android Story so Far

I feel like a bit of a fraud hosting this blog as I am no expert on Android devices or apps.

After Christmas I saw some figures showing just how many Android devices had been registered during the Christmas period and I thought that more than a few genealogists must be among this throng. So I went looking for a blog devoted to the use of Android devices in genealogy and could not find anything decent.

My Android experience only started in April and has been documented in a number of posts on the Geniaus blog. These early reports can be accessed from here.


  1. I believe we are just on the cusp of this experience.

    So far, with my Android Acer Iconia tablet, my experience is mixed. I have not spent enough learning curve time with it.

    I have not found a family history program that I like YET that works with it with RootsMagic.

    I have been investigating Legacy and the app that works with it. More learning curve.

    Did download GedStar, but, I am not happy with the size of the icons they use for the multimedia. I have no idea if that is because it is only partially compatible with my Iconia or what.

    I am really looking forward to hearing more, we shall learn together??

  2. I think it's great that you started this blog too. No way should the experts be the ones to have all the fun. I just got a new tablet myself and wondering how I can best use it with my genealogy. Perhaps we can convince a few who do know more to come and weigh in. Oh, here's another thought, maybe we can talk to some of the developers who will be taking on the RootsTech developers challenge to see if they will do something for Android....

  3. I got a Pendo Pad through Dodo's promotion last year. I think the unit is reasonable enough although it's only using an early version of Android (2.1) with little chance of upgrade.
    My main difficulty is with access. Where I live we say "WiFi, what's that" and even 3G only connects 10% of the time (my guess). People with smart phones regret having bought them.

    I've considered getting a FamHist app for it but at this stage have found no need for it. At the moment I have various software manuals on it and use it to read them when I need help. I also have a very good Sudoko app. I also have Chess and Crib apps but I don't really like them.


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