Monday, January 9, 2012

What's the difference? Widgets and Apps

I have both widgets and apps installed on my tablet and find them useful.

Apart from knowing that they had to be installed by different methods  I wasn't concerned about this difference. That both apps and widgets enhance my tablets functionality was all I needed to know. As I am putting together the "Galaxy Girls" slides for my Rootstech presentation I wondered about the difference and thought I should have some understanding in case someone asks me about them.

Having looked at Wikipedia, various bulletin boards and user groups I now understand the difference.

Apps are software applications just like those we have on our personal computers. We need to tap on their icons to open and use them.

Widgets are also software applications. Once installed, they run in the background on our devices constantly updating information. Widgets I have installed include Astrid Tasks,  Battery Widget, Digital Clock Widget and Today Widget. Widgets are commonly used for weather, time, horoscopes, sports results and traffic alerts.


  1. Apps can also have their own widgets. Color Note is a popular, simple note taking app. It also has its own widgets so you can place a link to a specific note or checklist directly on your home screen. You've got Astrid Tasks listed as a widget, but I'd say it's an app that has its own widgets.

    If you long tap on a blank space on your home screen, then choose to add a widget, you might be surprised at how many of your apps have widgets in different sizes and options listed.

  2. Thanks, Banai.

    Great to have someone with more knowledge chime in. just hope readers read comments on thes posts.

  3. This is a good straightforward explanation Jill.

    I have a widget for my calendar running on my phone. It allows me to see what's going on for the current day and a few days ahead - useful for forward planning.

    As Banai says above, many apps have their own widgets. Another way of checking to see what widgets are available is by clicking on your menu button , or equivalent, on a home screen and looking for an 'Add' menu item, which should then give you a widgets option. i also use one for Google Docs and Evernote.


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