Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Android for Geniaus

My smartphone is a very early top of the range model that cost me way too much three years ago. It is a Windows HTC that has never missed a beat. Since I bought an Android tablet and have started using more and more of Google's suite of products I have realised that my life would be easier if I had an Android phone.

I am presently hooked on overseas travel  and I have been paying a monthly plan fee for my old phone; when I am out of the country this is dead money as I rarely use my phone - a cheap overseas phone and Skype enable me to make phone calls when abroad. As I prefer to communicate via email or social media when out and about at home I make few mobile phone calls. My current plan allows me to make lots of calls but has a stingy data allowance.

I worked out that I need an Android phone on a prepaid plan with a reasonable data allowance. Because I have an affinity for gadgets I had considered buying an unlocked top of the range Android phone but for my situation that is overkill. Today, as I was walking through the local shopping centre, I put on my sensible hat, wandered into the Telstra shop and bought a moderately priced prepaid Samsung phone. It is only running Gingerbread but that is fine for me; I am not hungry for Icecream Sandwich. It has a 5 megapixel camera that will enable me to take happy snaps. It won't be a device for creating but for delivering info to me anytime anywhere.

I haven't spent an enormous amount on the new phone and I am not locked into a contract so if some really exciting 4G device comes onto the market in a few months (and the Aussie 4G network expands beyond the city) I won't feel guilty about replacing the Samsung.

I am itching to try out this new toy but will have to wait until tomorrow for my old number to be transferred to it (I can't fathom why this cannot happen instantly). I look forward to connecting via my home wireless network and downloading some of my favourite apps.

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