Thursday, May 31, 2012

Galaxy III arrives downunder

As I was near my local Telstra shop at Hornsby I wandered in after 12 noon to have a look at this new toy. Sadly there were none in stock yet (or I couldn't find one).

Samsung launch of Galaxy S III

I am wondering if anyone has had a play with one yet.

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  1. I took a look at one today Jill and was surprised by the size of it. The screen looks considerably bigger than the previous model, but is a lot sleeker and lighter. Unfortunately the staff were all busy so I did not get a chance to play with it, but I will be going back for another look when my phone comes up for renewal in a few months. The other one I would look at is the HTC One X. It is the same size as the Galaxy III, getting good reviews, and I have been very happy with my current HTC phone.


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