Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Having been alerted by Tamura Jones of a new Gedcom viewer for Android, GedTree, I sought it out in the Google Playstore.

I found a free version, GedTreeFree, there as well. As the price of this appealed to me I downloaded it. Once I have tested it out I will share my findings here on this blog.

Should you have already used it please share your thoughts in a comment to this post.


  1. I also downloaded both and tried them. One was listed as an option when I clicked on a GEDCOM file (in Dropbox), but gave me a black screen. The other wasn't listed as an option. When I went to it directly it presented me with a folder list for I think only the SD card - or at any rate not any location where I actually had a GEDCOM, and I do have a few on there. I think I'll be taking both of these programs off again.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Shelley. Comments are so valuable to prospective users of these apps.


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