Friday, July 6, 2012

Android app for voice recording - HELP

Australian Genealogist, Kerry Farmer, asks this on Facebook:

"Can anyone recommend an Android app for voice recording interviews? I tried Easy Voice Recorder & Tape-a-Talk, but on my Samsung Nexus they sound very faint & unsatisfactory (might be my lack of knowledge of my phone getting in the way)."

Do you have any suggestions for Kerry?


  1. So far I haven't tried any apps exclusively for voice recording but I have tried recording with Evernote.
    Has Kerry played back the recordings on a computer? I have found that the built in speaker on my Galaxy Nexus is rather faint when I play podcasts, I have to turn the volume up completely or use headphones.

  2. I use Hi-Q mp3 Recorder to record lecture notes. It works great even with the speaker across the room. It should work for interviews just fine. I would imagine just as important if not more so would be the mic on your phone. Not familiar with Nexus but on my HD2 (flashed with an android rom) it works like a charm.

  3. Thanks for those - will check out suggestions.

  4. Check out Dictadroid


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