Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Praise of the S3

Screenshots are simple as
My Samsung Galaxy S3 is around three weeks old and I am still in love with it. As a non-tech person I am not too concerned with what goes on under the hood I am just interested in features, reliability and ease of use.


1. It is light to hold but doesn't feel flimsy.
2. The display is crystal clear and bright.
3. The camera is super responsive, takes fab photos, has a flash and 4x zoom.
4. It hasn't yet crashed - I imagine it's due to the stable OS - Ice Cream Sandwich.
5. I don't need to refer to a manual - it's so easy to fathom out how to use it.
6. It's easy to customise.
7. Taking screenshots is child's play.
8. It looks good.


1. The ringtones. I just want an old fashioned bring bring that sounds like a phone. The included ringtones are too fancy for me. I have since downloaded a nice 'old phone' ring.
2. The annoying Samsung apps that come with the phone - I don't want or need them as I prefer to use my faves and those my friends recommend.
3. Probably a Jill issue - I find the small keyboard a problem and would not use it for typing long documents.


1. I find myself using my tablet less and less and using the S3 for most of my social networking, communicating and browsing. Should I replace my 7" tablet with a 10" one?
2. My data use had increased dramatically (I used up a month's allowance in the first two weeks) so I need to use wireless networks more often for tasks.
3. One daughter has followed my lead and joined the S3 brigade
4. While I haven't used it with genealogy specific apps I have used it for many genealogy related functions. I need to take it to the cemetery and try it out with  BillionGraves.

It's a great gadget for Grandmas and a Genealogists  (and 20 million other assorted people seem to like it too)

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  1. Looks great! With regards to the ringtones, I have the same issue with my Galaxy Nexus - first the ring tone was too loud and startled me every time it rang, so I chose a quieter ringtone and then it was too quiet and I missed calls! Can you recommend any good web sites for downloading better ringtones? Thanks.


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