Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rootstech App

Rootstech App Dashboard
I have had a little play with this app this afternoon.  It seems to be a great improvement on the app that was offered in 2012.

The Icons on the menu of the dashboard are: My Schedule, Exhibitors, Maps, Events, Speakers, Photo Gallery, Twitter, Friends, News, Attendees, Facebook.

It is easy to set up one's profile and, if one makes this public, one's name appears on a list of attendees. to set up one's profile one needs to select the My Profile option from the settings icon on the top right hand corner of the dashboard - it is not obvious. I would love to see a few more fields in the My Profile area especially one for hometown and country so that we have more information about potential friends.

Once one's name  appears on the list of attendees it is a simple matter for others to add that name to a contacts list or to send an invitation to become a friend. When one receives a friend invitation a little red icon appears over the Friends icon on the top menu, as these are accepted one's friend list grows. There is another way to invite friends but it is clunky and is what helped to soar the 2012 app for users.

My schedule is a basic calendar app that allows one to enter one's own events as well as items from the conference program.

One can view the program and details of talks from the Events icon, I couldn't seem to add events to my schedule from here. I must be doing something wrong but, in the absence if help can't work out what. The social events and keynote sessions do not appear to be listed either.

One can also get to session details via the  speakers icon on the menu bar. When one selects a speaker from the list that speakers sessions are displayed, one can then select a session to add to one's Conference  schedule. As one adds items to one's schedule these appear in a list above the menu icons on the dashboard of the app.

The Maps icon shows city and venue maps. I found the venue maps hard to understand although I have been at two Rootstech conferences; perhaps this is due to my poor spatial skills. The Twitter icon takes one to a feed of Tweets that include the Rootstech hashtag.

The Exhibitors gives a listing in abc order of all the exhibitors with contact details and short descriptions of their services. This is a great tool to organize one's vendor visits.

Friends lists those who have accepted your invitations and those whose
invitations you have accepted.

While it looks promising I'd like to see a few more things. Especially frustrating for someone who has more than one Android device is that  one's profile information does not seem to sync from one device to another. I move from tablet to smartphone many times during the day and need to have the same data on both. I need to have my same schedule appear on both otherwise I will get very confused.

It's past midnight in Australia and I am about to turn in. I hear that the Rootstech people are refining the app and look forward to seeing what additions and modifications will be waiting for me when I wake. Hopefully more attendees will fill out their profiles and make them public so that others can interact with them.


  1. To add the events to your schedule, you need to click the little star on the left. It alerts you to schedule conflicts, which is nice.

    Since I won't be attending in person, one thing I would like to see is some sort of indication on the event list for the live-streaming events (I'm forgetful that way).

  2. Thanks Jenny, It worked for me yesterday then it didn't - now it's fine again - tweaking by the Rootstech team no doubt.

  3. While I slept I got a few new friends and anothe Icon "Videos" was added to the menu.

  4. Jenny, I don't know when they will announce the livestreamed events - apparently the speakers know but have been asked to keep it quiet for the time being. Watch for an announcement.

  5. I found the "add a photo" option tricky but Caitlin gave me a hand. I agree a place would be handy but perhaps they have security issues?


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