Saturday, December 31, 2011

Did You Get a New Android Phone? Do These 5 Things Immediately

A Love Affair

The love affair with my Android device started with its purchase in April 2011.

Since then I have bonded with this extension of my left hand every day as I find new ways to use it not just to enrich my genealogy experience but to try organise my  life. Luckier than most people my Galaxy Tab has travelled around the world once already and kept me connected via wifi in airports, hotels, at sea, in McDonalds and other free wifi hotspots.

I have tweeted, blogged and posted on Google+ about my shiny new toy I have extolled its virtues in an article in Inside History Magazine and will be singing its praises in a presentation at the Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City in February 2012.

As the year is just about over I have been reflecting on my activities and thinking about my goals for 2012: Connect - Learn - Share. I want to start something new for 2012 and feel that an Android Genealogy  blog will help me to Connect with other genealogists using Android Devices, encourage me to Learn more about these devices and the Android platform and provide a platform to Share my discoveries. This blog  idea isn't original,  I was inspired by educator Richard Byrne who has set up a website and blog, Android 4 Schools, that discusses the use of Android in Education

I won't be posting lots of  lengthy articles and my posting schedule may be haphazard. When I find Android news and apps that will be of interest to genealogists I will post links on the blog.

I'd love to hear from others who use their Android devices for genealogy. Please contact me via a comment on this blog or via one of the means cited on my Contacts Page.

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