Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Facebook update

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Billion Graves

I am duplicating here a post from my Geniaus blog. Apologies to those readers who have already seen it on that blog.

On our recent trip we travelled back to Sydney via a few towns where some ancestors buried.

One of the cemeteries I had previously visited in Cobar many years ago but the images I had taken of my grandparents' headstones were poor quality. I wanted to rephotograph these and also look for other family resting spots. The two other cemeteries where I managed to find some family graves, inBroken Hill and Forbes, were new to me.

Locating the graves in each of these sites wasn't particularly easy. In Cobar and Forbes there was no resource available to pinpoint the graves' exact location; the map of Broken Hill Cemetery that was available by the Cemetery gate was quite confusing even for Mr Geniaus who is not spatially challenged like me.

Ben Hall the Bushranger - Forbes Cemetery
In order to make it easy for cousins who may be seeking these graves in the future I added each of them to Billiongraves. The GPS coordinates that Billiongraves attaches to these images will make finding them in the future much easier for those who make use of the Billiongraves site or app. 

As we were on a tight time schedule I could not commit myself to photographing all of the graves in each of these cemeteries. I did, however, take and upload a few rows of headstones  around the graves I was visiting in Cobar and Broken Hill. 

In less than half an hour I was able to photograph over 100 images in Cobar cemetery. These are now available on Billiongraves site; those who wish to visit these graves can use the GPS coordinates to locate them efficiently.

How about joining and downloading the Billiongraves  app to your Android or other device so that you can contribute to the database when you find yourself (above ground) in a cemetery. While in a cemetery take some time to photograph a row or two of graves. This is a painless and enjoyable way of helping others connect with their ancestors.

Kindle Fire and Genealogy

In this series of posts Julie Cahill Tarr discusses the apps she uses for genealogy on the Kindle Fire. Julie explains in some detail how she uses four popular apps on her device.  It's a great resource.

GenBlog: Using the Kindle Fire for Genealogy – Introduction

Podcast app discounted

The app I use to manage podcasts is discounted for just three days. Hop over to the Google Play store and grab it now.

Podcast app DoggCatcher discounted to $1.99 for limited time

Sunday, April 1, 2012

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