Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Instagram Solution

Since I  procured my Galaxy S3 I have been taking lots of pictures.

One of my disappointments is that the Instagram Android app does not allow one to share photos directly to Blogger. Since DearMyrtle and Carrie Keele's webinar I have been using Instagram but I also want to share the snaps I have there on my personal blog jillballau.

I am hoping that my personal blog will, in the future, give my descendants a window into my life by relating  things that interested me.

This post from The Daily Freeman gave me two options for sharing posts from Instagram to Blogger. As a result I am now able to share some of my snaps from Instagram to Blogger.

jillballau - My personal blog

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Access Your Files From Anywhere With Google Drive [Android]

This is what I do. Do you?

Whenever I am at a genealogy event I take notes on my Android Tablet (can't type too well on the Android 'phone) and then when I get home I can tidy them up on my laptop.

Access Your Files From Anywhere With Google Drive [Android]:

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't let the grass grow under your feet

I recently read James Tanner's blog post What good are apps? It made me to reflect on the apps I have on my Android devices.

James says "If I download and app and after a while, if I find I just don't use it, I do delete the ones I don't use. Sometimes an app seems like a really good idea, like the one I had to find my car in a parking lot, but then in reality, I don't lose my car in parking lots, so the app was never used." My practice echoes that of James.

James' post did remind me that I was in a bit of a rut. I have been so wrapped up in playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S3 that I haven't tried any new apps out recently. I am not an app happy person who downloads tens of apps each day but, if a fellow genealogist mentions something that appeals then I download it and give it a go.

I also noticed that my mate, Dear Myrtle, has been using Zite (a free personalised magazine) and posting links on social networking sites to several articles she has found there. Firstly I dismissed Zite as I already read several hundred blogs and follow lots of genealogists on social networking sites. Then I thought that I should have a look (I have great respect for Myrt). I have found that the Zite Android app is easy to set up and tailor to my interests and that it returns some interesting articles that I would never have found. I believe that as I continue to use Zite it will note my preferences and return even more appropriate articles for my attention. The downside is that I have now found even more blogs to add to my RSS feed. For genealogists who wish to expand their reading horizons this is a valuable app.

A Paper Camera photo of mine

Just last night Genealogist, Kerry Farmer, posted on Facebook a photo she had taken with the Paper Camera app. I was so taken with this image that I actually shelled out $1.95 to purchase and download this app; I usually restrict myself to free apps. I can't yet see too many genealogy applications for  Paper Camera   except for providing nice images for my blogs. As I don't have a creative bone in my body this app appealed to me and I'm sure I will have more then $1.95 worth of fun playing with it.

I think that Zite  and  Paper Camera  will remain in my collection of Android apps for quite a while.

Have you tried any new apps lately that may benefit your genealogy experience?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Praise of the S3

Screenshots are simple as
My Samsung Galaxy S3 is around three weeks old and I am still in love with it. As a non-tech person I am not too concerned with what goes on under the hood I am just interested in features, reliability and ease of use.


1. It is light to hold but doesn't feel flimsy.
2. The display is crystal clear and bright.
3. The camera is super responsive, takes fab photos, has a flash and 4x zoom.
4. It hasn't yet crashed - I imagine it's due to the stable OS - Ice Cream Sandwich.
5. I don't need to refer to a manual - it's so easy to fathom out how to use it.
6. It's easy to customise.
7. Taking screenshots is child's play.
8. It looks good.


1. The ringtones. I just want an old fashioned bring bring that sounds like a phone. The included ringtones are too fancy for me. I have since downloaded a nice 'old phone' ring.
2. The annoying Samsung apps that come with the phone - I don't want or need them as I prefer to use my faves and those my friends recommend.
3. Probably a Jill issue - I find the small keyboard a problem and would not use it for typing long documents.


1. I find myself using my tablet less and less and using the S3 for most of my social networking, communicating and browsing. Should I replace my 7" tablet with a 10" one?
2. My data use had increased dramatically (I used up a month's allowance in the first two weeks) so I need to use wireless networks more often for tasks.
3. One daughter has followed my lead and joined the S3 brigade
4. While I haven't used it with genealogy specific apps I have used it for many genealogy related functions. I need to take it to the cemetery and try it out with  BillionGraves.

It's a great gadget for Grandmas and a Genealogists  (and 20 million other assorted people seem to like it too)
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