Android Apps - Genealogy

These Apps are specifically developed for genealogy functions. I'll be adding links shortly but a search of The Android Market should find them.

Billion Graves
Family Bee
Family Connect
Find Grave
Gedstar Pro
Genealogy Gems
Genealogy Research Planner
Intro to Genealogy
Relationship Finder
Resting Spot


  1. I use Family Bee and Ancestry on my Android mobile phone. I haven't found the ancestry app to be very useful but I love the Family Bee app. I especially love the Family Bee notes where I can record information and photos about a specific person whilst "out in the field".

  2. Thank you for that, I was trying the free version of Family Bee, and it has run out, but was wondering what the others were like. I love it to, but grandchildren have taken possession of my tablet so waiting for a new one.

  3. Thanks for the post.. im searching Genealogy <a href=">Android apps</a> for long time.. good post.. it helps me a lot..

  4. I'm also using Family Bee but then it already phase out.

  5. I already use Family Bee and Gedstar Pro. these are very helpful app to search history of our ancestors. I want to use Genealogy Gems and Genealogy Research Planner to make a unique family tree but I have little bit knowledge about it. can you guide me?


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